Bouncing Checks (B.P. 22)

Some people still have this misplaced confidence in the deterrent effect of Batas Pambansa (BP) Blg. 22, also known as the Bouncing Checks Law. Here are some things a layman should know:

1. The issuer is not automatically liable simply because the check “bounced”. A check generally “bounces” when dishonored upon presentment (reasons include, account closed, drawn against insufficient funds or DAIF). However, it is indispensable that the issuer must be notified in WRITING about the fact of dishonor, and he has 5 days from receipt to pay the value of the check or make arrangements for the payment thereof.

2. Filing fees are generally not required for criminal cases. For B.P. 22 cases, however, the complainant is required to pay the filing fees (based on the value of the check/s and the damages claimed, just like in civil cases) upon filing of the case in court.

3. One major deterrent against bouncing checks is the threat of a warrant of arrest being issued once the criminal case is filed in court. This is no longer true. No warrant of arrest is issued unless the accused fails to appear when required by the court.

4. Even if a criminal case under B.P. 22 is filed, the court can’t issue a hold-departure order (HDO). All violations of the Bouncing Checks Law, regardless of the amount involved, are filed only with the municipal/metropolitan trial courts. These courts cannot issue an HDO.

5. Courts have the discretion of imposing: (a) imprisonment only; (b) fine only; OR (c) both. It is entirely possible that only a fine, without imprisonment, is imposed.


  1. About 12 years ago, my checks issued to a few banks bounced when I left the country unemployed. Now back in the Phils to be with family and seeking employment, the thought of getting NBI clearance just scares me. I have been offered a job and what holds me backs is the NBI clearance.

    Please advise.

  2. I have business close way back two years ago..the check bounce but I able to pay the amount of the loan but the remaining is the interest..they texted me once for hearing I fail to actually still have contact with them and telling them to stop the interest and just pay a minimum amount every month. But everytime im late to pay they will tell things like u already have warrant of arrest. What is the best thing to do?

  3. gud pm atty,
    me question lang po ako. me issue po akong tseke sa isang financing , me tumalbog po akong tseke at sinabihan ko naman sila na bayaran ko po kapag nagkapera na ako. binayadan ko po ng paunti unti . at nagpadala po ako tru lbc ng breakdown ng payment kong magkano ibabayad ko buwan buwan. at nakapag una na po ako ulit atty. ang problema ayaw ihonor ng me hawak na atty. eh willing naman po akong magbayad eh. at di ko naman po tinatakbuhan ang utang ko. halagang 46thousand po at di naman po ito aking lahat. sa sister ko po ang iba. ano po ba ang posible nila gawin pa sa akin eh nasa mtc na ng makati po. at 2 arraignment nga po eh di naman po ako payagan ng boss ko magabsebt para nakaten ng arraigment. ang ginawa ko na lang po eh bag padala na lang po ako sa lbc para un ang akign sagot sa kanila. puwede po ba ang ganitong tactics. tulungan mo po ako atty. salamat po ng marami at alam ko na kaw ay me mabuting puso para tulungan ako sa sitwasyon na ganito na parang iniipit ako ng financing. nakiusap po ako sa kanila per di sila nakinig sa pakiusap ko. ano pong mangyayari kapag di ako nakaten sa dalawang arraignment.

  4. good morning po atty ask ko lang po ung ikakaso pong BP22 s corporation namin..kasi po kakasuhan kami nun ex president namin pero yong check was issued under on his period of presidency..and he ordered our vice president na issue-han sya ng worth 3M and 2M worth check for a show cause..meaning it was only for showing use only and alam nya na walang funds ang corporation ng ganun amount, now he is using it against to the corporation saying it was meant for payment sa “UTANG” daw ..kaya nakakaranas po kami ng harrassment sa kanya..please kindly refly po

  5. goodpm po attorney.. is it possible na may case at warrant of arrest ang isang individual if they post his/her picture in municipal hall and stated na WANTED… if it is he/she can bail even if there is warrant of arrest?

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