Building a Better Blog or Blawg

This post was originally intended to discuss sitemeter and analytics, which logically follows the previous posts on platforms and search engines. After the Baguio weekend vacation, however, I’ve decided to consolidate and include everything done so far in this site.

Choose a blawgging platform. There are a number of choices, depending on your preference. While social networking sites like facebook, multiply,, and friendster also have built-in blogs, I still go for wordpress or blogger.

Select a physical theme. A “theme” may refer to your blog’s appearance. In my book, it should be minimalist – refreshing to the eyes and easy to navigate. This blog uses used K2, a great WordPress theme.

Decide on the content theme. Theming is not just about the looks. I have to use “physical” theme above to distinguish it from “theme” as it relates to contents. I long grappled with the dilemma of sticking to a pure law blog or blawg, something which is partly solved by placing purely legal matters at the Forum. While it would have been better to separate the varied themes or categories of this blog, time limitations prohibit me from doing so.

Consider adding sitemeter and analytics. In the words of Google Analytics, this tool tells you everything you want to know about how your visitors found you and how they interact with your site. This is not only for probloggers. For those who consider blogging as a hobby, like me, it’s a cool way of following the growth of one’s creation. I tried to add Google Analytics to this blog’s Site Meter, but I still have to find a way to integrate it with K2. For a basic comparison of Site Meter, Google Analytics and Measure Map, check

Blog syndication and aggregators. Syndication is used to describe making available a feed for an information source. There are a number of aggregators, some of which are bundled in a single feed management provider like Feedburner (it also has an e-mail subscription feature). Some aggregators/bookmarking services for this site include and reddit (get to know it first though – I erroneously submitted some articles to features subreddit, until somebody pointed out to me what it’s for).

Submit to search engines and directories. Search enginer spiders will eventually find a blog with sheer lapse of time. However, there’s a way of expediting the process as discussed in a previous post. Submission to blog directories also help, although I understand there are limitations in some directories.

Consider claiming blog at technorati. There are many reasons for claiming a blog at technorati, although I still have to find a way of showing technorati embeds here. WordPress has instructions on how to put embeds, but it didn’t work for me (for a time, the “quick claim” mode wasn’t available). As I understand it – and I may be wrong – the technorati embed uses javascript and this isn’t allowed by wordpress for security reasons, with certain exceptions.

For more tips on blawgging, and blogging in general, I sugget problogger’s article on 31 Days to Building a Better Blog – Day 31 (I threw away the old title of this post and decided to follow this one).

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