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105-Day Expanded Maternity Leave in the Philippines

The proposal to increase the paid maternity leave in both the government and private sector, for a minimum of 105 days per childbirth, have been ratified by both houses of Congress. The Senate and House of Representatives ratified the bicameral conference committee report on House Bill 4113 and Senate Bill 1305, also known as the “105-Day Expanded Maternity Leave Law.” It will be transmitted to the President for his signature Continue reading

A Compressed Work Week under House Bill No. 6152 (Let’s Not Call it a 4-Day Work Week)

Another unreasonable imposition, I thought, when I first heard about the news that the House of Representatives approved House Bill No. 6152, providing for a compressed work week. My first impression was wrong, it turned out, but let’s talk about that in a while. The misimpression stemmed from the headlines — “House approves 4-day work week bill” (CNN), House OKs bill on 4-day workweek” (philstar), House passes 4-day workweek bill (rappler). The initial impression was this: the 4-day work week will be compulsory in nature. Continue reading

5 Reasons Why the SSS Pension Must be Increased by P2,000

President Benigno Aquino vetoed the proposed law increasing the monthly Social Security System (SSS) pension by P2,000. According to President Aquino, the pension increase will result in the bankruptcy of the SSS in the next 11 years. If we ask the millions of retired workers, they will most likely say that the existing pension is not enough for their daily subsistence. One of the sponsors of the propose law, Senator Cynthia Villar, explained the reasons why the monthly SSS pension should be increased by two thousand pesos (PhP2,000) across the board. Here are portions lifted/revised from the sponsorship speech of Senator Villar:

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Complete List of Official Holidays for 2016 (and How to Compute your Holiday Pay)

The government has announced, through Proclamation 1105, the official public holidays — regular holidays, special non-working holiadys, and special days — for 2016. To the extent relevant to employers and workers alike, the differences between regular holidays and special non-working holidays are discussed in a separate post, Computation of Holiday Pay. Also, based on experience in the past years, new dates for existing holidays or more holidays are declared in the course of the year, so drop by and check this list because we will definitely update it.

Here’s the full list of 2016 holidays:

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PNoy Made a Mistake in Vetoing the P2,000 SSS Monthly Pension Increase?

Congress passed a bill proposing an increase in the monthly Social Security System (SSS) pension by P2,000. President Aquino vetoed the proposed law because, according to him, the increase will result to the bankruptcy of the SSS in the next 11 years. On the other hand, there seems to be nothing erroneous in the statements of Senator Cynthia Villar in her sponsorship speech of Committee Report 213 (incidentally, the speech also addresses the “scary” scenario that the SSS will go bankrupt). Incidentally, there’s another piece of legislation under watch by female employees — the 100-day maternity leave. Full text of the speech reproduced below. Feel free to express your thoughts on the matter through the comment section below. Continue reading