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On Ballet, Life and 8 Counts (Commencement Speech of Lisa Macuja Elizalde)

[Graduation season brings a fresh wave of splendid speeches. On 28 March 2015, Lisa Macuja Elizalde gave a commencement speech at the graduation of the School of Humanities and the John Gokongwei School of Management, Ateneo de Manila University Loyola Schools. This fine speech deserves to be read by everyone, especially the young ones. Here’s the full text of the speech.] Continue reading

Palabra de honor DBP Commercial

Palabra de Honor

Whenever I have to go out under a heavy downpour, I’m reminded of the 1980s commercial of the Development Bank of the Philippines (DBP). The commercial is weaved into my subconscious. It shows a son asking his father to postpone going to the bank because of the heavy rain. The father explained that he must go out, go to the bank and pay their obligation. He explained, “Anak, sa kasunduan, ang salita pinaninindigan. Ang pangako, tinutupad.” It’s about palabra de honor. Word of honor. Same with work, when the first thought should be, “I have to go” (not “walang pasok?”). Good thing somebody posted the ad for posterity. Here: Continue reading

On Bonfires, Celebrations and the Fighting Maroons

I feel a need to explain why we’re celebrating the win of the UP Maroons in today’s UAAP men’s basketball game. Not for anyone but for my peace of mind. Or at least for my wife. She had this perplexed look when I cheered with all my heart, and lungs, as the game started. This level of enthusiasm, bordering on insanity, is reserved when her Archers fight for the championship, she must have thought. I would be equally puzzled if it were the other way around.  Continue reading

Slow Down: Others Make Mistakes

Road Safety: Other People Make Mistakes

You should watch this video. There are a number of “jokes” about speed driving. Some say they’re not driving fast, they’re simply flying low. Some say drivers who drive slow get overtaken by accidents. But no matter how speed thrills, we cannot deny the fact that, as noted by the New Zealand Transport Agency, “the faster you go the less time you have to react, the longer it takes to stop and the bigger the mess when you do stop. But people still deny this truth or think it doesn’t apply to them.” There is a new road safety campaign by the New Zealand Transport Agency specifically targeted to speed, which is a major contributor in serious injury crashes. Here: Continue reading

UP Fighting Maroons: Congratulations

Allow me to deviate from the usual legal matters and take time to congratulate my alma mater’s basketball team, the UP Fighting Maroons. The Maroons won, 69-61, against the UE Red Warriors in the UAAP Season 74 game yesterday, July 14. No, it’s not the championship. The season has just started. One win is really not a big deal, unless we consider that the win ended an 18-game losing streak, with the last win way back in August 2009 against La Salle. Wow! Continue reading

Goodbye, Man from Manila

The news came through the radio as I was driving back to the office yesterday, cursing the high temperature outside. It was after lunch and I was yet to take eat. The long drive, the hunger, the heat, everything resulted to a terrible headache. But somehow the pain seemed to disappear as the announcement sank in — Francis Magallona lost his fight with leukemia. Continue reading

Choosing between Work and Family

Striking a balance between career and family is never easy. Even superheroes are confronted with the dilemma of choosing between spending time with a loved one or saving the world. Ask Batman or Spiderman. Or even Superman. They would probably tell you (rather, you’d probably read) not only that with great power comes great responsibility, but also that it’s much difficult for ordinary mortals to balance work and family. Continue reading

Time to Relax: Long Weekends for August

All work and no play kills a lawyer, well, everyone. Maybe I don’t need to cite statistics to prove that work-related stress and pressure are the usual culprits in illness/sickness (and, unfortunately, death) among lawyers. True, so many of us have learned to cope and deal with stress, but that’s not a guarantee that stress won’t have its toll in the long run. Prolonged exposure to stress adversely affects the immune system. So we take time to relax. Continue reading