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PNoy Made a Mistake in Vetoing the P2,000 SSS Monthly Pension Increase?

Congress passed a bill proposing an increase in the monthly Social Security System (SSS) pension by P2,000. President Aquino vetoed the proposed law because, according to him, the increase will result to the bankruptcy of the SSS in the next 11 years. On the other hand, there seems to be nothing erroneous in the statements of Senator Cynthia Villar in her sponsorship speech of Committee Report 213 (incidentally, the speech also addresses the “scary” scenario that the SSS will go bankrupt). Incidentally, there’s another piece of legislation under watch by female employees — the 100-day maternity leave. Full text of the speech reproduced below. Feel free to express your thoughts on the matter through the comment section below. Continue reading

A Brilliant Template for Metro Manila Traffic?

Traffic is a mundane problem that, unfortunately, adversely affects all aspects of our lives, including the performance of work and the loss of billions annually. Our preoccupation with the topic on traffic can be explained by, among other reasons, the immediate effect on us lawyers (the loss of precious time getting stuck on the road to and from client meetings and court hearings) and the bigger impact on society (if we can’t craft and implement simple rules like those pertaining to traffic, how would we fare with more complex laws?). Indeed, no one can deny that Metro Manila traffic needs urgent, long-term and creative solutions. The solution, for instance, may be more than installing traffic lights and removing the u-turns along Katipunan Avenue. The government is doing something about it, to be sure, although some say it’s far from effective; it’s not even enough. Here’s a video that should stir our thoughts on addressing the traffic problem. The exact system may not work in Metro Manila but what’s important is the principle behind it. What do you think? Continue reading

HR Special: The Curious Case of the Sandwich Thief

We’ve handled more than enough HR concerns for retained clients and actual cases with the NLRC (and spent enough time with other HR professionals over at PMAP) to say that we’ve probably gone through the most serious, the most interesting and the most weird of the lot. I was mistaken. Continue reading

Revised Rules on the Suspension of Classes and Government Work (per Executive Order 66)

The onset of the rainy season brought with it an avalanche  of complaints from students and parents arising from the late suspension of classes. By the time announcements are made made due to flooding of streets in and around Metro Manila, students are already in their respective schools. They have to wade through flooded streets not only once, but twice. Continue reading

International Convention for Domestic Workers

On 16 June 2011, the government, worker and employer delegates at the 100th annual Conference of the International Labour Organization [ILO] adopted a set of international standards to improve the working conditions of domestic workers worldwide, estimated to be around 52.6 million. The Convention shall take effect after ratification. Continue reading