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Choosing between Work and Family

Striking a balance between career and family is never easy. Even superheroes are confronted with the dilemma of choosing between spending time with a loved one or saving the world. Ask Batman or Spiderman. Or even Superman. They would probably tell you (rather, you’d probably read) not only that with great power comes great responsibility, but also that it’s much difficult for ordinary mortals to balance work and family. Continue reading

Office Politics: Surviving the Office Jungle

Office politics is a fact of institutional or corporate life. As long as organizations exist, office politics will always be there. On a neutral note, office politics is simply the relationship and interaction between and among co-workers (and, to a certain extent, with the bosses). The relationship should ideally be of mutual respect, and the interaction should be one of healthy competition. Unfortunately, office politics – just like general politics in our country – is viewed as something extremely negative. It’s present in any corporate structure and gets worse in bigger corporations.In other words, you can’t run away from office politics. Here are some points to remember in order to survive the office jungle: Continue reading

Work burn-out: Fighting this phantom menace

I guess all of us experienced, at times, an emptiness which threatens to destroy our neat concept of ourselves and the world. This emptiness is not defined simply by the absence of purpose or the lack of interest in anything (or the apparent interest in everything), although this appears to be a manifestation of such mind-numbing state. We stop caring about anything and focus on that ever-increasing lump of inexplicable emotions weighing down our chests. What’s frustrating about it is not just the huge amount of energy needed to get out of this vicious cycle, but the inability to put a finger on what exactly it is. Continue reading