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UP Pep Vision 2014UAAPCDC

Equality and Unity, the Vision in UP Pep’s Routine, and Judging based on Facts

It may be a surprise why we’re talking about cheerdance in this blog. We’re supporting the UP Pep Squad and its message/vision during the 2014 UAAP Cheerdance Competition. While the UP Pep Squad fell a little short of reclaiming the championship trophy, it succeeded in driving home a message. The second-place finish of UP Pep Squad must be viewed through the vision weaved into their routine — equality. Pantay-pantay. Continue reading

Boatlift and 9/11: I Never Wanna Say I Should Have

“I have one theory in life. I never wanna say the word ‘I should have’. If  I do it and I fail, I tried. If I do it and I succeed, better for me. And I tell my children the same thing: Never go through life saying ‘I should have;’ if you want to do something you do it.” From Boatlift, a documentary of the boat lift in Lower Manhattan that evacuated more than half a million people in less than 9 hours. Reminds you of the quick response in Yolanda, 11/8. Makes you want to cry. Continue reading

Hopefully Metro Manila Traffic Gets Worse

Metro Manila traffic is bad. It’s an established fact without need of further proof on top of the gridlock photos. Studies have shown that we’re losing MILLIONS per DAY because of Metro Manila traffic. Anyone stubborn enough to demand proof could simply take a ride in an open jeepney along EDSA during rush hour. In the past days, traffic is at a standstill throughout Metro Manila. It will get WORSE, the traffic authorities warned us. I hope it will grow to its absolute WORST condition. Continue reading

Legalize Marijuana in the Philippines?

Marijuana is legal in some US states. In the Philippines, as the law stands today, marijuana is illegal. It is a dangerous drug and the selling/use of marijuana is a criminal offense. Soon it would be completely legal to use marijuana in the Philippines. That is, if Congress passes a proposed bill and President Benigno Aquino signs it into law.   Continue reading

Pope Francis + Mothers-in-Law

Pope Francis, in all his holiness, is not immune from the temptation to be funny. Here’s the video of Pope Francis and his mother-in-law jokes.

Incidentally, in a petition for declaration of nullity of marriage which we actively opposed on behalf of the wife, the trial court noted that the problem is not between the husband and the wife, but between the mother-in-law and the wife. The Court of Appeals affirmed the denial of the petition, stating in its recent resolution that, “Marriage is far too sacred an institution to be set aside merely because one cannot get along with his or her in-laws.” On the other hand, to be fair, a lot of us are truly thankful for our heaven-sent mother-in-law.

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5th State of the Nation Address (SONA) of President Benigno S. Aquino III

[State of the Nation Address of President Benigno S. Aquino III, fifth of sixth for his 6-year term, delivered at the Session Hall of the House of Representatives, Batasang Pambansa Complex, Quezon City, on 28 July 2014. Reproduced here for easy reference. See the official English translation. Feel free to express your reactions and opinions through the comment section below.] Continue reading

Implementing Rules and Regulations of the Anti-Drunk and Drugged Driving Act of 2013


Republic Act No. 10586

“An Act Penalizing Persons Driving Under The Influence Of Alcohol, Dangerous Drugs, And Similar Substances, And For Other Purposes”

Otherwise known as the “Anti-Drunk and Drugged Driving Act of 2013


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2014 Search for Outstanding Public Officials and Officials

Most Oustanding Public Officials and Employees

It’s fairly accurate to say that people are quick to criticize public officials and employees. It’s also fairly accurate to say that the reason is simple — salaries and public money used by public officers and employees come from hard-earned taxpayers’ money. Still, it doesn’t hurt, and it actually helps, to recognize exemplary public officials and employees. Here’s your chance. Deadline for submission of nominations: 31 March 2014. Click photo (below, courtesy of OG) to see the nomination details. Continue reading

Going to Hong Kong? Don’t Bring a Stun Gun

This one has nothing to do with the recent decision of HongKong to require Philippine officials to get a visa, in retaliation against President Aquino’s refusal to give a public apology over the “Quirino massacre“. This one applies to everyone, Filipinos and non-Filipinos alike, and it can save you or your relatives jail time. Continue reading