Cebu Pacific: The “on time, great value airline”

I used to travel by PAL. I still have unclaimed Mabuhay Miles credits for a couple of free round-trip domestic tickets. The delays, however, made me shift to Cebu Pacific, with its “on time, great value” tagline.

I don’t know if this is still its tagline, and, if yes, if this is still true. I recall Cebu Pacific’s ads saying that it’s on time most of the time – 99% of the time, if I recall correctly. Either this is no longer true today (and Cebu Pacific is now just like PAL), or I’m just one unlucky traveller who always gets into the 1% of the delayed flights.

Last Friday, the Tacloban-bound Cebu Pacific flight was an hour late. The Tacloban-Manila flight last Sunday was no different, and we were stuck at the Tacloban airport for more than 2 hours.

When a PAL plane overshot the Tacloban runway, our Cebu Pacific flight was cancelled. When I asked why a PAL plane was able to land despite the disabled plane at the end of the runway, Cebu Pacific said they will complain why the tower authorized it. The Cebu Pacific manager in Tacloban kept on saying that the cancellation of our flight was not their fault, but he forgot that it was neither our fault. It was NOT our fault, and we had to cough out a few hundreds of pesos for food and hotel accomodation. They will not provide us food or any assistance, because it was not their fault. I asked them to talk to PAL and make an arrangement to give the stranded passengers any form of assistance. They said that I should instead make a formal complaint. I did file a formal complaint, but, unfortunately, I still have to get a feedback.

I could go on discussing the other instances when my flights with Cebu Pacific were delayed, but I don’t think they will listen (but I hope they will).

I don’t really mind that Cebu Pacific only serves a bottle of C2 tea or Nature’s Harvest juice, but I do mind that Cebu Pacific is slowly becoming just like PAL. I hope they bring back their “on time” tagline. I hope Cebu Pacific will retain its “great value” reputation, which is really something great. I hope they take the extra step to assist stranded passengers. I hope domestic airlines become more responsive to passenger complaints.

I hope I would not write about this again.

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  1. i agree no less with you.Cebu Pac is slowly turning out to be just another PAL, less the conveniences of a nice office,pre-departure area and friendly ticketing agents !

    Worse, Cebu Pacific tries to lure us passengers with low airfares, great discounts and on-time flights (daw!). Anyway, my bad experience was with their ground crew who seemingly has never heard of customer service and customer satisfaction?

    I booked one of their flights from ceb-manila, wanting to try out their service, what with the big fare difference admittedly vis-a-vis PAL’s rate. To my great disappointment though, i would rather keep paying for PAL’s fare than booking a flight yet sacrificing the convenience of the pre-departure area at the airport, and friendly ticketing agents (at the CebPac ticket ofc at the domestic airport) who gives you that look that you owe them a plenty for getting you on a cheaper fare airline.

    I hope though that CebPac realize that customer satisfaction need not be compromised with cheap fares.

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