Complete List of Official Holidays for 2016 (and How to Compute your Holiday Pay)

The government has announced, through Proclamation 1105, the official public holidays — regular holidays, special non-working holiadys, and special days — for 2016. To the extent relevant to employers and workers alike, the differences between regular holidays and special non-working holidays are discussed in a separate post, Computation of Holiday Pay. Also, based on experience in the past years, new dates for existing holidays or more holidays are declared in the course of the year, so drop by and check this list because we will definitely update it.

Here’s the full list of 2016 holidays:

 1 January 2016 (Friday) — New Year’s Day (regular holiday)

2 January 2016 (Saturday) — additional special non-working day

8 February 2016 (Monday) — Chinese New Year (special non-working day)

25 February 2016 — EDSA People Power Revolution (special non-working day; per Proclamation 1071)

24 March 2016 — Maundy Thursday (regular holiday)

25 March 2016 — Good Friday (regular holiday)

26 March 2016 — Black Saturday (special non-working day)

9 April 2016 (Saturday) — Araw ng Kagitingan (regular holiday)

1 May 2016 (Sunday) — Labor Day (regular holiday)

12 June 2016 (Sunday) — Independence Day (regular holiday)

21 August 2016 (Sunday) — Ninoy Aquino Day (special non-working day)

29 August 2016 (Last Monday of August) — National Heroes Day (regular holiday)

31 October 2016 (Monday) — additional special non-working day

1 November 2016 (Tuesday) — All Saints Day (special non-working day)

30 November 2016 (Wednesday) — Bonifacio Day (regular holiday)

24 December 2016 (Saturday) — additional special non-working day

25 December 2016 (Sunday) — Christmas Day (regular holiday)

30 December 2016 (Friday) — Rizal Day (regular holiday)

31 December 2016 (Saturday) –additional special non-working day

Employers need to know the exact dates of these holidays because they have to make sure that operations are not hampered with the lack or absence of manpower. Employers also need to factor in the additional holiday pay in the budget. For employees, it’s a matter of planning any vacation to save on expenses.

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