Cybercrimes: Protecting your Social Networking Account

The National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) receives an average of 5 complaints relating to cybercrimes. That’s the daily average. This much I learned during our live discussion (video below) in On Call‘s pilot episode over at NewsTV Channel 11.

[On Call is anchored by Ivan Mayrina and Connie Sison. It now runs at 1:00 p.m. on weekdays.]

Factor in the unreported complaints and the fact that the Philippines has more than 22 million users on facebook, as of 28 February 2011, then the figure is bound to skyrocket. (See full text of cybercrime law; Explanatory note on cybercrime bill; Discuss here).


  1. Hello Atty. Fred, showbiz ka na pala. Regular ka na sa On Call? Hope you’ll have more discussion on internet topics.

  2. help me… how can i defend myself if somebody posted me in internet telling negative things bout me …..i have to defend myself my reputation have been damaged due to this bad stories. it makes me suicidal…i need your response ASAp….

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