Should Divorce be Allowed in the Phillippines?

If you check the recent comments, this issue is pretty much alive. Please post your opinion here, but preferrably at the previous post. The poll is to the right.

Update (26 November 2007): Let’s close the poll. There’s a total of 68 votes. According to 14 votes (21%), divorce should not be allowed in the Philippines. On the other hand, 54 votes (79%) says that divorce should be allowed in the Philippines.


  1. its everyone’s right to be happy! when a marriage fails its not right to keep it and stay misserable just because filipinos value family.. dont be so hipocrite! we all know that most marital failures in our country are contented in practicing live in partnership because of that unreasonable no divorce law! a lot of us are crying for HELP! we need our voice to be heard! DIVORCE is one way to fix increasing number of filipinos practicing live in partnership.

    If marriage fails and both agreed to live separate lives…its their right to get DIVORCE!

    1. ya right mariel !!! when both husband and wife don’t want to live together they have the right to file a divorce . because our government is not the one who suffer . WE SUFFER . just imagine this every time you wake up in the morning you will see the face of lucifer beside you … ( husbands who having a mistress looks like demons)

  2. good day! in my own opinion i am in favor of divorce here in the philippines. my ex husband remarried after he got married to me for the period of 5 days . he abused me beat me a lot when i was with him sometimes be beat me almost to death i can’t complained since he locked the room till all my bruises gone. i filed my annulment 2 yrs ago the lower court approved my annulment but then the OSG filed an appeal to the court of appeals . the reason they said is wrong ground of petition. before lower court grant my annulment i asked my lawyer to amend my case into psychology incapacity coz the ground of my petition is fraud. but she never listened . so the OSG filed an appeal last june 2009 my lawyer filed a motion to dismiss my case but till now we dont have the resolution even though the OSG agreed to dismiss my petition for lack . i know many wives suffering from their husband they suffer from physical abuse, emotional abuse , many filipino men are womanizer, irresponsible . i just wonder why our govt do not agree the divorce law ? in spain where the catholic religion originated there is a divorce there . lots of christian countries have divorce . women in the philippines suffering much from their husband . why our govt still want a couple to stay together when both husband and wife don’t want to live together ? in my case my ex husband is now living together with other woman in our own house and he is not interested to fix our marriage he never filed any counter affidavit but then OSG dis agreed the court decision coz of wrong ground of annulment . i pray that the divorce law be implemented here in the philippines . or may i say hopefully divorce law in the philippines will pass in the congress . thanks ..

  3. yes i agree that family is the basic ground of our society but then how can a couple raise a good family when there are lots of arguments fights infront of their kids? there are lots of couples lost respect , love , care and the husband is immoral. out of 10 families ( 10 percent lang ang me matinong tatay . bat di kayo mag survey sa mga lower class family and even in higher class society lots of married men have mistresses . while their wives look after their kids their husband enjoying the company of his mistress. is that fair to his wife???? tell me if that is fair .
    marami din asawa na bugbog sarado ng kanilang mister once they complained na late na umuwi ang mister nila , lasinggo , babaero, sugarol those behavior is not enough ground for annulment . puwede sampahan ng kaso ang mister makukulong pero it does not mean na di na siya asawa . sa kaso ko puwede ko sampahan ng bigamy ang mister ko at concubinage pero makukulong siya at paano na mga anak ko? if makulong siya sino ang bubuhay sa mga anak ko isa yan sa reasons why ang mga asawa magtiis na lang sa kanilang husband kasi nga ang mga lalaki ang pander di pamilya once makulong siya at wala naman work ang wife niya papaano na ang mga bata . kaya ang mga asawa nagtitiis na lang sa pambubogbog ng kanilang mister at isa pa mahal ang annulment di makaya ng middle class na wife . ang annulment para lang sa mayayaman as they say and that’s the truth . i knew na ang petitioner for annulment puwede kumuha ng lawyer frm PAO pero ayaw magtanggap my lawyers ng PAO kasi daw magagalit ang mga private practioner lawyers . so not fair again . if titingnan natin our judiciary system napakabagal kumilos even nasa harap na niya ang folder di pa mapirmahan kasi me kulang na ewan , malapit na mawala ang tiwala ko sa ating judiciary system . puwede kaya daanin na lang sa botohan ang divorce bill dito sa philippines? i think mas mabuti ang ganyang process.

  4. Marriage is a solemn vow to the CREATOR before you decide to marry there is courtship, engagement period, you may not totally know your other half for that period of time but isn’t those times you decide to be or not to be with him or her? Marriage is a lifetime commitment, that’s your vow to the Almighty… respect the Law of our Creator. You shouldn’t get married in the first place if you don’t belive the sanctity of union.

    1. Yes, marriage is solemn if both parties are inlove and with free will to get marriage. paano naman yong mga napilitan lang pakasalan yong babae dahil buntis na at nanakot ang family nong girl. I believe Divorce in our country should be implemented and approved, kc ang mahal ng annulment di kapa sure kung kelan madesisyunan. Di naman kc si Pnoy ang nag sa suffer sa hirap ng kalagayan ng di mo mahal ang pinakasalan mo at hinahawakan kapa sa leeg dahil sa isang kapirasong papel na pinirmahan na ang hirap burahin.

  5. yes, i agree that divorce should be allowed in the philippines because it is even allowed in the bible in cases of infidelity.

  6. Marriage is what we make it. There are biblical laws or principles so that marriages will be successful and happy. If marriages are successful and happy, the whole family is happy. If marriages are destroyed for whatever reason the whole family is destroyed.

    God said He hates divorce. Try to know why. What does divorce has done so far to those society that allows divorce?

    Whether divorce is legalize or not in the Philippines married couple’s happiness does not depend on it. Whether we will agree with this or not it is our obedience to God’s law regarding marriage that will make our marriages happy.

    Life and death is before us. We have a choice. And we are commanded to choose life.

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