Driving Therapy: Going Away from the City

Getting up early in the morning for an out-of-town hearing is something to look forward to (not the getting-up-real-early part, but the thought the out-of-town trip). It’s always a welcome therapy.

The long drive along traffic-free expressways and provincial roads satisfies one’s need for speed. The adrenaline, perhaps? Sure, the constant driving along the congested streets of the Metropolis also gives you an adrenalin rush, but it’s more of the negative, hypertension-inducing type.

Driving away from the city soothes my mind with the thought of leaving behind, even for a couple of hours, the choking city life. The eyes are welcomed by the the green (or, depending on the season, brown) grass and plants hugging the rolling hills, a scene that never fails to remind me of home. With the windows rolled down, the cool fresh air gently caresses my face and messes my hair. It’s one of the few exceptions to the mess-with-my-life-but-not-with-my-hair rule, which is something I learned ever since my hair declared a mutiny and decided to slowly desert my scalp.

Time itself takes a siesta in the province. It’s always in a hurry here in the city.

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