Election Fever, Posters Everywhere

Just a few minutes ago, the campaign period for local positions OFFICIALLY started.

Emphasis has to be placed on “officially” because, unless you’re blind or you choose not to see, posters had long mushroomed everywhere you look – walls, fences, trees, houses, posts, electric cables, buses, trucks, pots, pans, practically anywhere that a small amount of ‘gawgaw’ could stick on. Every flat surface is being converted into an [un]official COMELEC poster area.

Everybody knows that there’s nothing like, well, not showbusiness, but local politics, although there’s not much difference nowadays. Politicians want to become movie stars, and perhaps it’s more true the other way around. There’s really nothing wrong about actors wanting to serve, as some of them are truely willing and able. Besides, why single them out, when truckloads of non-movie candidates are worse off? There are unworthy candidates, both showbiz and non-showbiz ones.

Ah, elections. It can be frustrating, as Jun Ducat says. It’s insanely expensive. It’s dirty. It can be bloody.

And it’s the only way we choose our leaders.

So, vote wisely.

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