False Hopes, Genuine Hopes

My wife called my attention one morning. She was arranging the contents of her cabinet drawer and she found a bunch of old emails, written back when I was still courting her. She showed me an email that I wrote, a reply to her statement about not giving me any false hopes and about moving too fast.

On hindsight, I guess it was her way of saying, in a nice way, “‘Wag ka na masyado umasa at basted ka.” If that was her idea, I was clueless, but the phrase “false hopes” was too irresistible not to pounce on. My email included this portion:

Some say it’s better not to give any hope than giving false hopes. I’d like to think that there’s no such thing as a false hope. Hope is always genuine. We hope to be happy. We hope for the best. We hope to be this, we hope to be that. But people often forget that hope should not be equated with the outcome. If we do that, we will most probably be disappointed. With hope comes acceptance. We strive for something and it is hope which keeps our drive burning. We should learn to accept whatever comes out of our endeavors. Then we move on from there.

These lines go beyond love and relationships. It could very well apply to any move to change — for the better — our current political situation, or to the poor trying to get out of the economic quicksand. It could apply to a better work or better financial future. It could apply pretty much to anything, including the favorite topic in beauty pagents — world peace.


  1. reading the blogs of lawyers really triggers me to take up law…. sigh! i hope there are schools na tatanngap sa premed grad like me.. huhuh

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