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  1. Good day,

    I am a Filipino citizen currently residing in the US. I married my boyfriend when I was 23 but did not live with him though even if I’m still in the Philippines back then since our situation did not allow us to do so. My parents were against our relationship and so we decided to get married secretly. However, marrying in the Philippines when you’re below 25y/o needs for you to have either or both of your parents’ advice and signature in obtaining a marriage license. But since my parents were against our relationship, we decided to hire someone who would pretend to be my parent to sign our marriage license in front of the civil registry office thus, we got our marriage license and got married secretly. After that, it was as if we were not married and were just boyfriend and girlfriend as we did not live together. We do not have children or any conjugal properties. I never used his family name and no one except the both of us knew that we were married. Now, my husband and I have decided to end things. I’d like to ask if this could be a ground for declaration of void or nullity of marriage. Thank you very much!


  2. Good day,

    I am single and never been married. Last 2012, I adopt a child and register it under my name. Child’s father is my nephew and since they don’t have enough source of income to feed the baby. In short, I took the baby and after 9 mos, the mother of the baby demanded to get her baby . Since we don’t have legal adoption paper. I gave the baby because it is under her mother’s custody. Just recently, the mother of the baby had an affair with other man. Her husband knew what his wife did. They were separated now. The mother lived in an informal settlers which is not good for the baby. The baby boy, doesn’t received any consultations from the doctor. I am very concerned on the welfare of the child. Since I am declared as father on his Live birth certificate, do I have any legal rights to get the baby. I am financially capable to raised the child and giving him a better future. Need your advice. Thanks

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