Giving Way to Fire Truck, Ambulance and Emergency Vehicles

It’s easier to understand a rule once you’ve experienced the reason for the existence of that rule. When your house is on fire, or when the blaze is a few houses away from your own, you better understand why all vehicles on the road must give way to fire trucks. When you figure in an accident, when you or a loved one is inside an ambulance, you would want the terrible EDSA traffic to part in the middle, just like the Red Sea, to allow the ambulance or emergency vehicle to get through and reach the hospital pronto. When a crime is being committed in your house or in your vicinity, you would pray for the fastest police response time.

So, even without a rule, it makes absolute sense to give way to a fire truck, ambulance, police cars, rescue and other emergency vehicles. Yet it’s not uncommon to see drivers holding their ground and not allowing emergency vehicles to pass.

If common sense isn’t enough, there’s a rule that seeks to compel drivers to give way to emergency vehicles. The Land Transportation and Traffic Code (Republic Act No. 4136) explicitly provides that upon the approach of any police or fire department vehicle, or of an ambulance giving audible signal, the driver of every other vehicle shall immediately drive the same to a position as near as possible and parallel to the right-hand edge or curb of the highway, clear of any intersection of highways, and shall stop and remain in such position, unless otherwise directed by a peace officer, until such vehicle shall have passed. A violation of this provision, which is subject to the chapter on penal provisions, is punishable with a fine not exceeding Fifty Pesos (P50).


  1. Dear Friend,
    Ang baba naman ng penalty– maybe this is the reason many violate this rule. As for me, I do not care if the Ambulance making wangwang carries illegal logs from the north, I always give way. It’s the benefit of the suspicion, but I always think suppose……… that’s my mother? She was brought to the Heart Center when she had an accident. I do not care if the driver of the ambulance is merely toying with his wang wang etc. I will always give in, with or without the law.

  2. hi. ask ko lang po if kung ang isang sasakyan ay nkasagi ng iba pang sasakyan dahil sa sobrang pagmamadai dahil may taong nag-aagaw buhay na kailangang isugod sa ospital, may pananagutan po ba ang driver?? nanininil po kasi yung may ari ng ssakyn n nasagi at kung ndi mgbayad ay idedemanda nila yung driver….(hindi po kaano-ano ng driver yung isinugod s ospitAl, nag magandang loob lng yung driver))
    sana po ay masagot nyo ang aking katanungan. salamat po!!!

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