Going to Hong Kong? Don’t Bring a Stun Gun

This one has nothing to do with the recent decision of HongKong to require Philippine officials to get a visa, in retaliation against President Aquino’s refusal to give a public apology over the “Quirino massacre“. This one applies to everyone, Filipinos and non-Filipinos alike, and it can save you or your relatives jail time.

The Philippine Consulate Gneral in Hong Kong issued a warning, after noting the alarming increase in convictions of Filipinos, 68 in 2013 and 57 in 2012, for violation of HongKong’s Firearms and Ammunition Ordinance. This prohibits travelers from bringing “arms” or restricted items — stun guns, extendible batons, knuckle dusters, tear gasflick knives and bullets — in their hand-carried or checked-in luggage. Conviction brings a maximum imprisonment of 14 years and/or a fine of HK$100,000.

One more reason not to go to Hongkong?

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