Guilt Trip: spend time with loved ones

How often has it been said that you should spend time with, and treasure, the ones you love while you still have the chance. Still, while we nod our heads in agreement, we simply disregard it. Sometimes our realization comes too late. It’s the same thing as praying to God in happy times, or, if you prefer something farther from heaven, being in touch with your lawyer. We usually pray or call when there’s a problem. Sometimes, we call just in the nick of time. Sometimes it’s too late. (Post transferred here. All posts under life and fatherhood will be transferred to


  1. Luisa, Aileen, Major Tom, almond_eyes,

    Thank you very much. I really hope and pray that he’ll fully recover. I had to be strong and serve as an anchor…I wanted my mother to feel that everything is alright.

    By the way, Ai, I sent you a message asking for the number of Malou. I was just hoping she’s connected with Perpetual…you know, it’s better if someone is in the inside. It’s ok now, though. It turned out that the anesthesiologist is the father of a former officemate in Manila, requested him to please take good care of my father. Small world, huh.

  2. Hi,

    Do not worry. Trust the Good Lord in everything you do. Cast everything to HIM for He will bring the solution to your problem and comfort/peace to your life. Not forgetting deliver you from all anxiety and fear!
    In Christo

  3. Jo, thank you very much. Incidentally, the hospital chaplain, in his homily today, discussed that one of the main causes of not being in peace is fear. People, according to him, fear being alone. It is comforting to know that other people (and in the absence of anyone, God) are (is) with you in times of pain and suffering.

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