Holiday Pay of Monthly-paid Employee Working Abroad

Dealing with a single-layer question simply requires spilling out what you know. The challenge to a lawyer, or any person for that matter, is untangling the layers of issues to come up with an answer. This labor question we received illustrates that point.

The email goes: “What if a monthly-paid employee worked on a special holiday (e.g., April 9th) abroad in an official capacity, can s/he still claim holiday premium for the work rendered?”

Fire away. Nibble. Discuss through the comment section below. (If you wish to discuss more freely by being anonymous, please do so. Also, as always, remember that no legal advice is dispensed here. Seek the legal opinion of your retained counsel. Thank you.)

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  1. In my opinion it depends upon the contract of Employment.. All the basis as an employee abroad is in the contract,….

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