How Many Deaths Before Regulations are Enforced?

Accidents happen, true. But many “accidents” should not have happened if only rules and regulations were followed. The recent incident at the Tikling Junction in Taytay, Rizal drives home the point. A dump truck crossed the busy intersection — in full speed — killing at least 5. Imagine passing that place when the bus rammed through everything. Here’s the cctv video, as presented in today’s news:

It’s easy not to care when the victims are not our friends or members of our family. How many people grieved the death of their loved ones, victims of reckless drivers and non-road worthy vehicles along Commonwealth Avenue or other roads in the Philippines? People may die when regulations are disregarded or not enforced. When should we care, take it seriously and consistently act on it? Would it take 10,000 deaths? Would it need the death of the relative of a high-ranking government official, say, P-Noy? Of course, we don’t wish harm to anyone, but the point is, when?

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