HR Special: The Curious Case of the Sandwich Thief

We’ve handled more than enough HR concerns for retained clients and actual cases with the NLRC (and spent enough time with other HR professionals over at PMAP) to say that we’ve probably gone through the most serious, the most interesting and the most weird of the lot. I was mistaken.

This series of photos floating in facebook made me rethink my boundaries of “interesting,” “funny” and “sick” when it comes to the world of HR. If we were consulted on this one, I’d probably say, “This could go either way — it all depends on whether your HR or boss has a sense of humor. On a lighter note, this would have ended earlier if somebody quoted Liam Neeson in Taken.”

Here are the photos. How would you decide it?

It all started with the “disappearance” of a sandwich, then this note: “To the person who keeps stealing my sandwiches (Turkey and Swiss with mayo on rye). This is ridiculous. We are all full-grown adults, not children. Please take responsibility for your actions and stop stealing other people’s property!!!” The mystery got more and more interesting from there.

One comment

  1. The sandwich owner, the sandwich thief, and Tina from HR all get suspended in my opinion. All of them contributed to the escalation of what was supposedly a minor issue.

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