Identify Theft: Notices or Demands from a Certain Atty. Frederick Pamaos or Atty. Federico Pamaos

I received reports that my name is being used in collection/harassment acts, as well as text/online scams. Allow me clarify that there’s only ONE person with the surname Pamaos listed in the Philippine Supreme Court’s Roll of Attorneys: FRED B. PAMAOS. In other words, there’s only one lawyer, practicing in the Philippines, with the surname Pamaos. There’s NO lawyer named Frederick Pamaos, Federico Pamaos or Frederico Pamaos. If someone claims to be Atty. Pamaos but uses a first name other than “Fred”, that person is a fake. If someone uses the name Fred B. Pamaos, please call the telephone numbers ([02] 927-7673 and [02] 454-1442) of our law office and verify if the notice/demand letter is legitimate. Please check our law firm’s website (, click here) for other contact details.

I don’t know if I should be flattered or alarmed. Among the hazards of the profession, I’d like to believe, although it’s not farfetched that these schemes are being employed to destroy my name. The latest iteration of the modus involves the publication of notices in newspapers like Philippine Star. Some of the reports are reproduced below.

Hi fred, how are you? Just received a call from my client xxx, who in turn got a call from Philstar about a notice that they were asked to publish which mentions xxxx. xxxx is presently not involved in any dispute or litigation so client requested me to find out why they were included in the notice. Philstar gave your name to my client. Coincidence naman that I know you. Hope you can share with me more info about the notice. It would be great if I can call you if you’re available. Thanks!


Dear Atty Pamaos.

A certain Col Olay called my parent’s house this morning and declared that he is acting on-behalf of a certain Atty. Federico Pamaos and giving a phone number of 277-3513.

This certain Col Olay demanded from my mother that my mother should inform me that i should call this certain Col Olay or this Atty Pamaos (at the number given) if my mother would like to avoid commotion at my parent’s house tomorrow when (as what was made my mother to believe) said Col. Olay arrest me for unknown charges which the good Col Olay did not specify.

My mother has a heart condition given her age and my father suffered stroke.

I would just like to inform you that you and your good office is being used in obviously harrassing people.

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