Identity Theft: Jessica Soho SONA

A former law school classmate sent a text message an hour ago, referring to me as “Atty. Fred Ramos“. He recognized me in Jessica Soho’s State of the Nation (SONA) but with “Fred Ramos” as label. I haven’t changed my name. It’s still Fred Pamaos, although this is not the first time that my name is erroneously mentioned as “Fred Ramos”.

This “mistaken identity” seems to fit with the topic we discussed in Jessica’s SONA — identify theft.

Identity theft, an aspect of cybercrime which we also discussed in GMA’s On Call, is bound to get worse. In the internet-related crimes we’ve handled, we’ve noticed that perpetrators are getting more creative. Millions of new users are attracted to the internet. More transactions are going online. Just a matter of time.

Here’s the episode:

Are you a victim of identity theft or cybercrimes? Let’s have more discussions in the days to come.


  1. The only one I found that’s near to it is the “Data Privacy Act” by Rep Romulo, Yap (S.), Jalosjos (C.), Tinga, Palmones, Sarmiento (M.), Kho (D.), Trenas, Villafuerte, Apacible and Herrera-Dy.

  2. Identity theft is basically a crime involving unauthorized assumption of somebody else’s identity in order to make transactions involving debts or purchases. This may create massive damages to a victim’s financial report and credit score. In order to prevent such form of fraud from happening, taking necessary actions to protect your personal information is strongly advised.

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