Important Bar Review Tips

Each one who hurdled the bar has a tip or two on preparing for the exams. We asked the members of Forum for their important bar review tips.  Here are some of the tips that we’ve compiled:

1. Do not waste your time studying things you already know. The most important review tip, according to then underbar Macka. He’s now Atty. Macka.

2. Prepare while in law school. Bar review is in its true sense just a review, according to Maeck, so whatever you have read in your 4 years in law school will be worth a 2nd or 3rd reading in order to stick to memory. We always hre every year that there are so many questions, so little time. During crunch time, and every Sunday is crunch time, stock knowledge is king.

3. Prepare your reading calendar. The FX Guy (don’t ask me how he got his username) suggests that you calendar all your readings in advance, which should be based on the topic outline provided by the Bar committee. Make sure that the day-to-day schedule is something you can follow religiously. Start with the subject matter you think is most difficult for you. At the end of each day, you should have finished reading what was scheduled. If you think you may have overestimated yourself, revise your calendar.

4. Mark your reviewers accordingly. To save on time for the succeeding readings, just go back to the marked topics on your 2nd/3rd reading.

5. The Popcorn Doctrine. There will come a time in your review that you’d feel you don’t know anything. Do not underestimate the capacity of the human brain, this is of course grounded on the premise that, something was stored inside of it and you did your part. Come exam day, the popcorns inside would just, well, pop! The more popcorns you have inside, the more pops you’ll get. But you have to take care of the popcorns, you have to fend for them. My point is, take a day off. Study hard but also play hard. The popcorns do not really like monotony. That’s the Popcorn Doctrine according to Don.

6. Don’t push yourself and your brain too hard. This may be related to the discussion above, but Lucy says get enough sleep. Its very important that your brain is well rested so that it can comprehend and absorb what you’re reading. Don’t let your fears and insecurities get to you. If you hear the other reviewees yak about what they know, just ignore them.

7. Choose one book/ reviewer per subject. The purpose is to conserve limited review time. Read, re-read and read it thoroughly, the Hulkamania says.

8. Manage your relationships. Candy has an interesting take on the matter. If you’re in a relationship, take the review separately. have different review centers and different dorms. That way, you’ll be able to share what new knowledge the other may luckily come across. Intimidate each other in a good way and keep your focus. Eventually, you will both prove wrong the stigma that “lovers” taking the bar together, one or both of them will be unlucky. If you can avoid having a boyfriend or girlfriend during the review, please do so. This is because the first three (3) months in a relationship is the most disturbing phase! I couldn’t agree more.

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