It is Christmas

There’s no doubt about it — it’s Christmas. Of course, the longest Christmas season in the world does not officially start until the first simbang gabi. The signs, however, definitely show it’s beginning to smell, look and feel a lot like Christmas.

Perhaps you have ideas on the obvious signs. The christmas themes and decors in malls and homes. The slow increase in prices, which could be attributed to other reasons in addition to the christmas shopping rush.

Companies are planning their Xmas parties, and employees are thinking of how to spend – or are already spending – their 13th month pay.

More children – doing their carolling in the middle of roads – are in danger of being run over by motorists. Not that it matters, as the anti-mendicancy law is hardly implemented anyway.

The air is a bit colder, if you haven’t noticed. I just don’t know if the anti-smoke belching, anti-pollution programs, if any, would make the air less polluted.

Not one of those, however, is the gauge of Christmas that I’m referring to (and no, it’s neither the spirit of giving).

The traffic, that’s what I mean. Anywhere you go, traffic is becoming heavier, and that’s not limited to Makati, Greenhills or Divisoria. It’s everywhere. And it’s going to get worse.

It’s the christmas season, alright.


  1. I can understand the situation. It is really a hassle. But,when you are at a place where christmas is not celebrated, then the hassle seems trivial and to a point that you are longing for it. Happy Holidays.

  2. Very well said, Fritz. It’s true that we appreciate things when they’re gone. Still, a traffic-less christmas is a gift I’m willing to trade with all I may receive this December…if any, that is. =)

  3. I agree, a traffic-less christmas would be a huge gift. I came from a province where traffic is very light and I am now in a country where traffic happens only in case of accident or stupidity, yet being stuck in it for less than 10 minutes gets me irritated. So, I can understand what you are wishing for.

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