Labor Day is Monday, 3 May 2010 (Proclamation 2043)

Well, whadayaknow. May 3, a Monday, is a holiday, after all. Malacanang, through Executive Secretary Leandro Mendoza, issued Proclamation No. 2043, declaring Monday (May 3, 2010) as a regular holiday throughout the country.

I’ve heard about this “rumor” since last week and I thought, “That is hard to believe.” Labor Day had been maintained in May 1 during the past years (a Thursday in 2008, a Friday in 2009), and Malacanang itself previously noted the importance of maintaining that date — “May 1 (Labor Day) has been celebrated on its exact days as a long cherished tradition of workers who fought very hard to institutionalize such a holiday in the country, as well as an international event celebrated on such exact date.” Good reasons, but wrong conclusion.

And while we’re at it, I’d like to point out (the obvious) that May 10 is also a holiday (per Proclamation 2020).

As we always say, (try to) enjoy the long weekends, everyone.

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