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Daily blog updates would have been ideal, something which is now impossible with the increased workload at the office. Whatever time left is spent tinkering with and knowing the details of various platforms (WordPress, CMS, phpBB, etc.). It is, of course, less burdensome to just hire someone to configure a site, but this defeats the concept of a hobby and the purpose of learning. This hobby, after all, comes with the welcome bonus of better understanding and applying the laws relating to the internet.

This process of experimentation and dicovery has given birth to new projects, like the Bar Exams Forum, the Philippine Online Law Dictionary and, more recently, the Law Central, Philippines (added: the last two projects have been discontinued). These projects have eaten up much sleeping time (but who needs sleep when you can have all the sleep you want when you die? =) Hopefully, these projects would be of help to everyone.

By the way, you can submit blawgs (law blogs) at the Blawgs Directory. Also, let me say thank you to Mr. Lito Basilio for helping in these projects.


  1. He he, I’m actually thinking of putting up a forum also where people can exchange ideas and what not on philippine legal affairs. To think I’m not an attorney, but my interest in law has suddenly been awakened. πŸ™‚

    Keep up the blog! One other free forum software you can try out is MyBB.

  2. Atty. Fred, ain’t you getting tired? How on earth can you keep several blogs and attend to your lawyerly duties at the same time. This is quite a feat that may not be matched by any young lawyers. Take care of your health though. Keep up the good work.

  3. Dean, thanks for this interesting tidbit.

    David, thanks for the kind words. MyBB looks good, but it’s unfortunate that it’s not among the standard inclusions in Fantastico. Otherwise, I would probably tinker with it also. Good luck on your plans.

    Lito, thanks. This is the beauty of a hobby – you don’t really get tired of it because it’s something you love to do. Besides, it’s not that difficult considering that there are individuals, like you, who are helping and sharing along the way. Thanks again.

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