Leakage in Commercial Law and Criminal Law, 2016 Bar Exams: No Truth per Bar Exam Chairperson

There are rumors of leakage in Commercial Law and Criminal Law exams last 20 November 2016. On 24 November 2016, the Supreme Court PIO released the undated statement of the 2016 Bar Examinations Chairperson, Justice Presbiterio J. Velasco, Jr., that there’s no truth to these rumors. Here’s the full text of the statement:

The attention of the Chairperson for the 2016 Bar Examinations has been drawn to allegations posted on social media platforms that the questions for the Commercial Law and Criminal Law exams were leaked. The Office of the Bar Chairperson has investigated the matter and has come to the conclusion that the questions remained confidential before the scheduled exams. The findings show that there is no truth to any of these unsubstantiated social media rumors. Similarly false are reports that the Supreme Court en banc, with the deans of the different law schools, is considering the cancellation to this year’s Bar Examinations or the re-administration of the affected subjects. There is no iota of truth to these statements. These unfounded reports that are being irresponsibly circulated in social media only undermine the efforts of the Bar Chairperson to safeguard the confidentiality and integrity of the Bar Exams.

The Chairperson assures the 2016 Bar candidates that the Examinations in Commercial Law and Criminal Law will not be cancelled or re-administered. He requests the help of the public not to add more stress and anxiety to the examinees. The Chairperson also asks the support of the members of the Bar, the academe, and the examinees to be vigilant of such reports and instead work of the success of the exams.

All the best to all examinees.


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