Magdalo Part 2

The Magdalo group has taken over a hotel in Makati City. Again.

On 27 July 2003, more than 300 members of the Magdalo faction took over the Oakwood Premier Luxury Apartments in Makati City. The Magdalo faction, led by Navy Lt. (SG) Antonio Trillanes IV, announced their grievances against President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, including graft and corruption in the military. The Magdalo group also demanded the resignation of PGMA, declaring their withdrawal of support from their Commander-in-Chief.

This morning, the Magdalo group took over Manila Peninsula.

Let me hazard a guess. The tipping point is still far away; they won’t succeed.

Added: I just had dinner with some friends and the topic is, surprise, the latest attempt of Sen. Trillanes et al. Someone said that Sen. Trillanes just wasted the economic growth, no matter how small that growth is, and, even assuming that there’s no growth, what Sen. Trillanes and his group did certainly didn’t contribute to that.

Another said that Senator Trillanes has a knack of providing diversion everytime issues are gaining momentum against the government. What happens to the planned mass actions tomorrow to coincide with Bonifacio Day? Poof. The talk of the town now is the stupidity of Sen. Trillanes, and no longer the issues. What happens to the other oppositionists? They’re lumped together with this stupid and wasteful move.

Someone expressed her disappointment. She voted for Sen. Trillanes during the last elections, she said, because she believed in what Sen. Trillanes was fighting for. The constant use of guns and the military, however, should never be condoned, she added. She forgave Sen. Trillanes for using force the first time, but not this time. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

The concensus, at least within the group, appears to be this — more people, regardless of their opinion on President Arroyo, are not happy with what Sen. Trillanes and his group did. Everyone is entitled to an opinion, I guess. Let’s listen to yours.


  1. Overkill on the Glueria’s part. Imagine using military tanks just to make Trillanes and Co. surrender? Just goes to show that Glueria and her Lakas/Kampi clique are DESPERATELY doing all means to cling on to power (what the f**k, with the curfew and checkpoints — shades of state of emergency and martial law?)!!!

    I am in the firm conviction that Trillanes & Co. are misunderstood.

  2. ay naku. nilapastangan ni trillanes at lim ang judiciary eh. wala man lang ni katiting na paggalang sa pag-iwan sa pagdinig ng kanilang kaso. sa inyong tingin, igalang ba nila ang taong bayan kung sila ay nasa poder? kung pakinggan nyo si thrillyanes e gusto lang maghasik ng thrillna wala naman, disturbo lang. at sarili lang nila ang iniisip habang niloloko ang taong-bayan sa pamamagitan ng pagsabi na ginagawa nila ang mga bagay para sa bayan. ay naku…

  3. they calling the support of the (masang pilipino) again! and again????… Tama na! sobra na! itigil na! Ang lahat ng kagulohan sa ating bayan ay tayong mamamayan ang nahihirapan at nakakahiya sa mata ng san libutan. Panahon na upang ipakita naman natin ang pag galang sa batas at karapatang pantao sa ating lipunan. Kailangan nating mag ka isa tungo sa kinabukasan ng ating bansa at higit sa lahat ang susunod nating san lahi na sa mga darating pang panahon ay kayang ipagmalaki ang lahing PILIPINO sa mundo! MABUHAY TAYONG LAHAT!

  4. Hi Atty Fred — because of the curfew that was declared in the evening after the Manila Pen incident I didn’t get to have dinner on time — Sam picked me up from the office and we wanted to do some shopping first and then eat afterwards at the Mall of Asia, but all the restaurants closed at 9pm instead of 10. But that’s not all that I have to say about the incident and don’t let the white media tell you it was a failed coup. I suppose GMA would definitely like to call it a coup so she’d have an excuse for emergency powers and stuff.

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