Majority Do Not Approve of Legalizing Same-Sex or Gay Marriage

We conducted an informal poll, asking readers if they support same-sex or gay marriage in the Philippines. By the time we closed it last year, 60% of the votes does NOT favor same-sex marriage. Now that the issue has again gained international attention with the campaign statement of US President Barack Obama that he favors same-sex marriage, we are reopening the poll.

[poll id=”13″]

Added: Argentina, with 91% of its population considering themselves Catholics, recently passed a law allowing transvestites and transgenders to choose the gender/sex that will be reported in legal documents. It also passed a law giving more power to the terminally ill and their families to refuse treatment and life support.

The debate will always be open here, so feel free to express your opinion. You could choose to join the previous discussions, inĀ Same Sex Marriage Not Yet Recognized in the Philippines and Same-Sex Marriage: A Call for Arguments. Remember to dwell on the issue and on the merits, not attacking the person or institutions.


  1. ang kikitid talaga nang mga utak nang mga indiong ungoy!kaya hayun! lagpak sa kahirapan dahit wlang liberalismo ang kanilang pag-iisip

  2. 60% is not bad at all. I believe it’s a dwindling number. I have a feeling that the Philippines, maybe 10 or even 5 years from now, will become the first country in Asia to recognise gay marriage.

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