Merry Christmas, everyone!

Nobody could escape from the law — you can run, but you can’t hide. That’s not in the context of criminal law, of course, but in a general way. In other words, all aspects of our lives — from the moment of conception, to birth until death — are governed by law. Hopefully, this Christmas will be legal-free, although that’s asking for too much because the 13th-month pay and Christmas bonus may not have been paid at this juncture. =)

It seems that 2007 started only yesterday. Time flies really fast. Now 2007 is about to come to an end.

A blessed Christmas and prosperous New Year to you and your loved ones.

(Ahem, any new year’s resolution? =)


  1. Thanks, Lito. By the way, thanks for helping out at the Bar Exams Forum. It wouldn’t be as engaging without you guys (and the ladies, of course).

  2. Merry Christmas to you and your family Atty. Fred. I hope that you will continue to write and inform us on various topics, specially the legal aspects, in your blog. Thank you.

  3. Hey Atty. Fred, the best of the holidays to you and your family! How’s the little guy finding Christmas so far? I think kids have the best time during these holidays, and the kid in each grown-up’s heart has just as much fun. Here’s to an even better New Year.

  4. Thanks, Sonnie / Bambit. Same to you both and your respective families. Enzo is enjoying Christmas, which is an opportunity for us to teach him how to share. Kumusta na.

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