NeGOsyo: Joey Concepcion’s 50 Inspiring Entrepreneurial Stories

We’ve discussed GoNegosyo under the Internet & Tech category and we’ve also discussed the book in the previous post on Succcessful and Inspiring Filipino Entrepreurs. We’ve just realized, however, that we forgot to include a separate entry for this book under the Books category. This is a significant oversight because this is a book that should inspire budding Pinoy Entreneurs. This is also the original book that spawned the sequel: “Go Negosyo: Joey Concepcion’s 50 Inspiring Stories of Entepreneurs (Celebrity Edition)”. I haven’t read the sequel and probably won’t read it in the near future.

But I’ve read the original publication, entitled NeGOsyo: Joey Concepcion’s 50 Inspiring Entrepreneurial Stories (Joey Concepcion, ABS-CBN Publishing [2006], 317 pages). I chanced upon this book in one of my rare trips to the mall months ago. I tried to read the book at the bookstore, but decided it is one of the good books to buy, stash in the home’s bookshelf and revisit from time to time.

The book contains the individual stories of 50 Pinoy Entrepreneurs, with lessons highlighted by Professor Andy Ferreria. It includes Jay Aldeguer (Island Souvenirs), Vicky Belo (Belo Medical Group), Paolo Bediones (Red Eye Studios), Juan Carlos Araneta, Santiago Araneta, Carlos Araneta and Fernando Araneta (LBC) and Diosdado Banatao (Tallwood Venture Capital). Now, if you want a sneak preview on these successful Filipino entrepreneurs, just head on to GoNegosyo.

In his introduction, Mr. Concepcion noted the creation of the Philippine Center for Entrepreneurship and described a movement they called “GoNegosyo”, which is “more than just a name — it’s an advocacy and a brand that will bring about the mindset change needed by many Filipinos to transform their pessimism into optimism. The start of building an enterprising Filipino culture will surely propel this nation to greater heights. GoNegosyo will be a brand that will hopefully create a country of millionaires.”

A bigger number of Pinoy Entrepreneurs is indispensible to the growth of the Philippine economy. Being a Pinoy Entrepreneur starts with the mind. It doesn’t even start with the resources, because worrying about the resources to start a business, ahead of seeing the business opportunity, is anathema to the concept of an entrepreneur. This is a great movement. Hopefully it will flourish.

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