Non-Disclosure of Previous Marriage

My BF contracted into marriage to a girl who did not disclose that she is already married. The documents that the girl filed were all fake when they get married. His problem was that in his NSO it appeared that he is married to the girl. How can he make himself single again in the public documents. Whenever he apply for abroad he found to be married in the legal documents and also, we are planning to marry. Please help us. Thank you and more power to you!” (This query is highlighted so we don’t have to address each and every related question. No legal advice, only general information found below.)

Marrying again — without the previous marriage being dissolved by death, annulled or declared void by the court — not only renders the subsequent marriage void, but also exposes the “spouses” to criminal liability (imprisonment) for bigamy.

The problem is that both parties (the husband and the wife in the second void marriage) are criminally liable, unless the other spouse didn’t know that his/her partner already contracted a previous marriage. To rub salt to the injury, so to speak, this problem is compounded by the fact that the second marriage, even if void from the very beginning by reason of a previous marriage, MUST be DECLARED by a COURT to be void in the proper case filed for that purpose. So, technically, a person intending to marry someone who had been “married” twice must wait for both previous marriages to be annulled or declared void. That’s the only time when the “third” marriage is considered legal for all intents and purposes.

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