October 2013 Holidays, 2014 Holidays

Everyone prepares for holidays. Employers must choose between closing shop during the declared holiday or paying holiday pay (for daily-paid workers, at least) if they require their employees to work during the holiday. Daily-paid workers must factor in the lack of income during the no-work, no-pay holiday while monthly-paid workers, with the holiday pay tacked in their monthly salary, would most probably be more concerned with the task of looking for a place to spend the holiday.

We’re not talking about the Christmas holiday, although it’s understandable that people look forward to the balance of 13th month pay and Christmas bonuses. We’re referring to the new dates declared as holidays for the holiday-starved month of October. In addition to the holiday dates fixed for 2013, Malacanang recently declared 15 October 2013 and 28 October 2013 (barangay and SK elections) as public holidays. Malacanang has also announced the official holidays for the year 2014.

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