OFWs as stakeholders in the government

I received an email forwarding an article purportedly written by Rodolfo Noel Lozada, Jr, more commonly known as Jun, in relation to the aborted 329 million dollars national broadband network (NBN) deal with ZTE Corp. of China. You must have read so much about this so there’s no need to explain its background.

The accompanying comment, contained in the same email, has an interesting take on the matter as it relates to Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW):

Ok yung concept nina Lozada and Neri about the exhaust valve effect of migration. Rather than getting really pissed off, people redirect their frustrations and energy towards finding ways to leave the country. And, because the income of OFWs are relatively secured from the political uncertainties and economic fluctuations in this country, they don’t feel themselves as important stakeholders in this government.

We’ve always equated migration with brain drain and transfers, but I have never heard political participation to enter into the discourse. Someone needs to look deeper into this.

Let us hear what our OFWs have to say to that observation.

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