Old kids on the (law school) Block

I met a law school blockmate while at a Court of Tax Appeals (CTA) hearing this morning. As you may have guessed, a “blockmate” is a classmate that’s in the same “block”, or something called “section” (remember Atis, Venus or Diamond in high school?), that you’re in. In UP-Law, hopefuls are herded into Blocks A, B, C and E. Block E is for evening students, all of whom are working students. Just in case you’re wondering, blocks A, B and C don’t represent anything like “E” for “evening”.

You’re usually stuck in the same block until you graduate. You usually have the same class schedule, except when it comes to electives. You all tend to agree who’s the meanest, as well as the nicest, professor (and, yes, classmates). You know who fell down the chair, after losing the valiant battle against Mr. Sleep. You know who’s brilliant and who’s diligent. You learn who’s naughty or nice. You know who shed a tear, or shall I say cried, during (and after) recitations. You share the same academic torture, something that some of your professors think you all rightly deserve.

Anyway, it’s always refreshing bumping into a blockmate. You get to say, “Pare, ang taba mo na a!”, and laugh when you’re confronted with, “Mas mataba ka sa akin e!” War stories and happy memories flood your mind. You remember your idealism and your plan to change the world. You remember that you promised a Higher Being to make a difference if you’ll pass the bar exams.

Then the court personnel shouts, “All stand! The court is now in session!” and you’re brought back to reality.


  1. Funny how time has flown so much and then it hit you…and you just thought that it was just yesterday you were clad in your usual boring uniforms hurrying up for the flag ceremony coz you’re late for watching tv- which you’re not supposed to on a school night. He he

  2. Marissa, thanks for dropping by. I’m a product of public schools, right through law school, and not once did I encounter the “uniform” boredom because I never had to wear any uniform =) True, time flies so fast.

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