Overtaking ONLY

I passed through the North Luzon Expressway or NLEX on my way back to Manila from Angeles, Pampanga. There’s no doubt that the NLEX is among the best roads or highways in the Philippines. You’ll notice many things if you’re passing through NLEX or NLE, some of which are the following:

One, the highway is smooth and nice.

Two, travel time is considerably lesser (vis-a-vis prior the NLEX improvements or even the entire SLEX).

Three, you’d love to floor the gas pedal, but there are speed limits – with radars and cameras to enforce them.

Four, there’s an “Overtaking Only” lane, which is the inner or leftmost lane. A driver is supposed to use this ONLY when overtaking.

Five, there are morons who use the “Overtaking Only” lane as if it’s just for them. In the words of an NLEX ad, bawal magbabad sa overtaking lane. The “overtaking only” lane is obviously ONLY for overtaking slower vehicles, and the overtaking vehicle is supposed to go back to the outer lane. Here’s the worse part – vehicles using the “overtaking only” lane sometimes tavel SLOWER than those at the outer lanes, which entirely defeats its purpose. So, next time you see a moron abusing the “overtaking only” lane, honk your horn. I have a better way of getting them off that lane, but I won’t say it here.

Follow traffic rules. This is one of the 12 little things that every Filipino can do to help our country. Simple and basic.

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