Pacquiao-Morales Grand Finale: Manny will Lose

I wrote in January of this year that for at least an hour, everything stopped here in the Philippines. No traffic in the streets. No war between the military and the rebels. Crime rate was practically down to zero. No fighting in politics (but not the “politicking”). In my case, no lunch until around 3:00 p.m., after all the post-match shows were done.

It was the second installment of the Pacquiao-Morales trilogy. Morales lost. The Philippines won.

No one can deny that Manny has become one, if not the only, unifying element in our country today. There are some who say that Manny should not allow himself to be used in a political circus. No matter how we see it, however, the fact remains that Manny has brought honor to us Filipinos. Let’s give credit where it is due.

There’s no doubt that Manny has attained the status of a legend. He carries the Philippine flag and the Filipinos’ hopes in the international stage. He’s an example that those who once had nothing can achieve great things. He’s a reminder that one’s status in life can change with perseverance and hard work. He’s one proud Filipino and he makes us Filipinos proud.

This coming Sunday, November 19, the Philippines will again grind to a halt. The Pacman and El Terible will meet one last time in a Grand Finale. It will be spectacular. It will be breathtaking.

Sadly, Manny will lose this time. Manny is young. He has guaranteed future fights even if he loses. The Philippines will cry, but will never get around to hate Manny. We never hated him when he lost to Morales the first time. El Terrible will retire after his win. Manny will go on to fight Barrera. Manny will beat Barrera. We will have our revenge. It’s gonna be one helluva plot that will rival any telenovelas of all time.

Still, this is one of the few instances wherein I badly want to be wrong. (Pacquiao vs. Marquez, II)


  1. I do not beleive that Manny pacquiao will lose to morales.Morales will lose thats for sure.:)).:(( im so sad for morales because he lose

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