Rule on Precautionary Hold Departure Order (A.M. No. 18-07-05-SC; full text)

[In a Resolution dated 7 August 2018, the Supreme Court En Banc approved the proposed Rule on Precautionary Hold Departure Order. It shall take effect within fifteen days following its publication in two newspapers of general circulation. Here’s the full text of the Rule on Precautionary Hold Departure Order (A.M. No. 18-07-05-SC).] Continue reading

Unclaimed Bar Diplomas for 1974 to 1999

The Supreme Court’s Office of the Bar Confidant announced, through a notice dated 12 April 2016, that lawyer’s diplomas for the years 1974-1999 can be claimed at the Office of the Bar Confidant. Those who cannot come personally may send an authorization letter, upon showing of a photocopy of the identification card of the lawyer concerned and that of the representative. Continue reading

Basic Discussion on Last Will and Testament in the Philippines

The settlement of a person’s estate after his/her death, based on our experience, is potentially one of the more bitter litigations. It’s never good to see relatives fighting each other. Some persons, with the intent of controlling the disposition of his/her properties after his/her death (and hopefully prevent fighting among his/her heirs over the properties left), prepare a “last will and testament”. Let’s have a brief discussion on this matter. Continue reading