The Philippine blogging scene: iBlog3 and 2007 Blog Awards

The flurry of events in the Philipine blogging scene could very well reflect the steady growth of blogging, not only in the local scene, but also worldwide.

There’s iBlog3, or the 3rd Philippine Blogging Summit, which is scheduled on April 13-14, 2007 at the U.P. College of Economics auditorium.

Attend iBlog 3, the Philippines' 3rd Blogging Summit!

There are various interesting topics, including humor, ethics, legal matters and, of course, the perks and quirks of problogging. Plus, you get to see the faces (well, the bodies and attitudes) behind the blogs, which could potentially affect your image of a particular blog. I can say that iBlog2 was successful, as I was there, and I can safely say the same thing for iblog3. So, bottomline, take time to attend the summit.

There’s also the 2007 Philippine Blog Awards on March 31, 2007 at the RCBC Plaza Auditorium, Makati City. Oh, by the way, the period for nomination had already lapsed.

Of course, there are other interesting “developments”, but let’s save that for later. In the meantime, blog on!


  1. I will also look forward to meeting you again on the event. BTW, there were occasions wherein I can not access your blog, I thought I got the wrong URL.

  2. Mish, I’m not sure as to the exact participation of JJ-ISP, but he is the keynote speaker. By the way, the link is working just fine.

    Sonnie, there are bugs from time to time; otherwise, this blog is still alive and kicking, just didn;t have much time to update it.

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