Philippine Online Law Dictionary

The Philippine Online Law Library contains definition of terms and phrases used in the Philippine legal system, based on laws, administrative issuances and jurisprudence.

The source (in parenthesis) of the definition is included for easy reference. A definition based on jurisprudence may not completely follow the arrangement of words or sentences as appearing in the actual decision of the Supreme Court of the Philippines, but great effort is made to be faithful to the language and meaning of the decision.

It is an ambitious collaborative project that will take years to be established. Still, we have to start somewhere. If online research tools, like repositories of jurisprudence, are partly taking the place of traditional sources, a Law Dictionary for the Philippines should also go online.

This project has just started, so please do not expect this to be exhaustive. Not yet. (Note: This project has been suspended.)


  1. Thanks, Janjan. You’re now an Author so you can submit new terms. It won’t appear immediately as the Editors will have to verify it. Daghang salamat.

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  2. i just want to ask what to do if my boyfriend plead guilty in a case filed by his ex live in partner which is ra9262 and he was sentenced by the judge with the court order of 4 months imprisonment and 100,000.00 fine ,,,and a counselling he was applying for probation do we need to pay for the fine automatically what if we dont have that amount because we are poor.. is that convertible to a community service tnx i hope i cud have got the answer… GOd bless you always

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  3. i dont think our law is fair because there are womens who are abbusive and using ra 9262 as their power over men to be their slave even if im a woman i dont agree with these law its unfair to good men … Judge are not God please have a heart to those who were truly victims we are all human created by God … both have hearts… tnx

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  4. what do you mean by the article 1470-1480 ?? can you explain it to me and give examples ?? hehe tnx much .. response is much appreciated ..

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  5. Dear Sir’s
    that’s the law in Germany, is it the same here in the PI?
    please can you kindly advise me: What makes an Loan Agreement a Legal Contract?
    In order for a contract to be considered lawfully binding, it should be signed by each person to whom the contract applies. First and foremost, for a contract to be legal, it must be signed by all parties.
    If on a Loan Agreement the signature of the lender is not on it, is it valid for the court?
    Maraming salamat in advance for your kindly answer
    with big regards
    Horst Stadler

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    1. first, where was the loan condone, 2nd the amount, how much…because it varies where to file such cases like swindling, estafa, bp22 etc,,,

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    2. yes the loan agreement can be valid even the lenders signature is not on. your signature on such an agreement is like a receipt that you have taken the money(loan) ,, The payment conditions may be shown on that agreement which you have already signed and accepted.

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  6. Where is the Philippine Online Law Dictionary on this web page url: ? There is mention that the project was suspended. But, does this mean that nothing was done? Not even one legal definition?

    . . . . . . . . . . I am reading a Contract To Sell for a Manila condominium unit, which is written in English, and I wonder if the words in the contract have a different meaning in the Philippines.

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  7. sir matanung ko lang po anu po poydi kong eriklamo sa taong kumoha ng picture sakin na walang paalam napadaan lang po ako malapet sa bahay nila den kinunan nya ako ng picture

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  8. a friend of mine used my name to borrow money to a good friend of mine.what violation do I need to charge by using it.

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    1. you say a friend of yours,,,talk to him first. You are not responsible for anything as long as you dont have any signature on anything. If that person deceived your good friend then it is upp to you and your good friend to report him for false declaration.

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