Pinoy Entrepreneurs

There’s a new site for the Pinoy Entrepreneurs.

By now, you may have noticed that the “Pinoy Entrepreneurs” is one of the categories in this blog. This category, like “Visit the Philippines”, is intended to focus on something constructive and worthwhile. You may have also noticed that early on, I decided to place all categories in this site. This is contrary to the belief of some, in relation to the concept of “theming“, that it’s better to limit a blog to a single topic. However, since this is a hobby (while at the same time learning, first-hand, how the net works), I was constrained to place all categories here.

As fate would have it, this is not meant to be. The “Visit the Philippines” category is now

This is also true with the Pinoy Entrepreneurs, which now has a new site (again, courtesy of Mish). Get to know the community or register to write in the group blog and gain access to certain features. Right now, I honestly don’t know where it’s heading; I only know that it should be a venue for Pinoy Entrepreneurs to get together and share ideas.

As it is not created by an IT professional, it’s a bit rough on the edges, but that’s where the fun is – tweaking codes and configurations, and seeing how they work. I would have preferred WordPress, like this blog, but I got convinced by Mish that Content Management System (CMS) – particularly Joomla! – offers more features (he’s right, but it’s also a bit complicated). That means more fun. 😉

All comments and suggestions to make the site better are most welcome. (Update: See also the Pinoy Entrepreneurs Wiki)


  1. Atty. Fred, the site is great! i added it in my link. By the way OFWEmpowerment is 1 Year today, thanks for the encouragement.

  2. Thanks, Bong, for the link. I also added your link and that of the Forum in Pinoy Entrepreneurs. A year flies so fast…you’ll hardly notice it when it’s something worthwhile =)

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