Plagiarism and Intellectual Piracy

I stumbled on Talkin’ Tech’s post, through PinoyBlog, about sweet justice meted by WordPress for someone plagiarizing his blog. Plagiarism, in legal terms, is intellectual piracy or copyright infringement (added: there’s a discussion at The Ignatian Perspective on how plagiarism and infringement are distinguished). Copyright infringement was previously governed by Presidential Decree No. 49. At present, all laws dealing with the protection of intellectual property rights have been consolidated under Republic Act No. 8293.

Infringement of a copyright is a trespass on a private domain owned and occupied by the owner of the copyright, and, therefore, protected by law. Infringement of copyright, or piracy, which is a synonymous term in this connection, consists in the doing by any person, without the consent of the owner of the copyright, of anything the sole right to do which is conferred by statute on the owner of the copyright.

(Read the full discussion at the e-Legal Forum).


  1. gud eve, we just like to request for more information about plagiarism and its relation to photo copying here in the philippines for the purpose of our research.
    we are looking forward for those details. your cooperation will be much appreciated! thanks a lot for helping! god bless! more power! thanks!

    1. hi ruth! are you conducting a research about plagiarism? i’m doing a similar study on copyright law (print) and there’s no related thesis in our school. could u tell me a bit more on ur research? thanks!

  2. Hey as far as i know there is no offense denominated as PLAGIARISM in this jurisdictio. i stand corrected if this ain’t correct.

  3. Thank you for your information about plagiarism. I’m interested to know if transferring the files of someone to ones USB (that’s stealing of course because it does not have the permission of the person . . .) and uploading it in the internet for the purpose of giving others a copy, falls under PLAGIARSIM too?

    Thank you and God bless. . .

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