Road Safety for this Long Weekend

Since yesterday, I felt something weird around our office. No, I didn’t see dead people walking around like regular people, although there’s someone — or something — who/which usually plays around with the lights of one conference room. It’s just that, well, there are less people around and less cars on the street adjacent our building (although traffic in EDSA was heavy last night – nothing new, really). Everyone is leaving, or has left, the city. Anyway, wherever you are, please remember these safety tips (most are from emails floating around):

DON’T bring a gun (unless you’re an officer on duty). Remember the lawyer who recently shot two people dead? It wasn’t me, but a gun in the car messes with your head (and the lives of others). This is a holiday to remember the dead, not to add one in the list.

ALWAYS wear your seatbelt. It saves lives. Why is it necessary to pass a law to FORCE people to do something that can save their lives? Yes, If you’re not aware that there is such a thing as the “seat belt law” (the Seat Belts Use Act of 1999), now you know. =)

Make sure your vehicle is well maintained and in roadworthy condition, to avoid breakdowns and accidents.

Observe road courtesy and don’t be a careless driver. Remember to use all your signals (and remember that the middle finger is not one of them).

Follow traffic rules and signs. Follow speed limit. No parking. No overtaking. Left lane only for overtaking. SLOW VEHICLES MUST STAY AT THE RIGHT SIDE. There’s a reason why the innermost lane is clear, and that reason is not for you to crawl there.

Don’t be a juggler inside your car. Texting or talking on the cellphone, eating or reading while driving is flirting with disaster.

NEVER drink and drive. If you’ve had one too many, don’t take the risk — call a taxi or ask a friend to drive for you. Or, find a place to rest and get sober before getting behind the wheels.

Ahh, vacation. Everyone is leaving the city. This is good. I’m staying behind. I’d rather enjoy the city without traffic and congestion.

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