Same-sex marriage – a call for arguments

We previously noted that same-sex marriage, while allowed in some U.S. states, is definitely far from being accepted here in the Philippines. This is true even with the increasing trend of sex reassignment or sex transplant.

The Supreme Court briefly touched on this issue in a petition for change of name and sex. According to the SC, one of the most sacred social institutions is a special contract of permanent union between a man and a woman, referring to the institution of marriage. One of its essential requisites is the legal capacity of the contracting parties who must be a male and a female. To grant the changes sought — including the change of gender as reflected in the birth certificate from “male” to “female” — “will allow the union of a man with another man who has undergone sex reassignment (a male-to-female post-operative transsexual).”

The solution? Amend the Family Code. I’ll hazard a guess, however, that this is not happening in the near future, not even in our lifetime. Still, let’s open the floor for a debate.

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Let’s continue the discussion in the other post.


  1. yes I am against same sex marriage. It is true that all people have equal human rights, and in relation to LGBT’s it is their right to be happy, but no right can be a right if it is against the law. And though the Philippines has no specific law regarding same sex marriage The Family code covers the Marriage in our country.
    The LGBT’s should just be contented that they are born as A MAN even if they feel like they are woman, and the lesbians are born as woman though they act as man. And they are born with rules.

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