Sex Videos and Scandals

The recent news on the “BIR Sex Scandal” reminds me of the PCIJ report on Peeping Toms going hi-tech (Inside PCIJ and i Report). According to the PCIJ:

“These days, celebrities are not the only ones starring in amateur skinflicks that are being circulated through cell phones and in cyberspace. So are ordinary folk — many of whom are students — who may or may not have consented having their most intimate moments recorded. Certainly, though, few of them expected to be on display so publicly.”

The latest of these “amateur skinflicks” is the “BIR-10 Sex Scandal” in Cagayan de Oro City. I won’t discuss or post pictures here. Just read it at Sun.Star Cagayan de Oro.


  1. Rob, you’re correct that this is one of the top “issues”, as shown by the number of hits for this entry. Still, I don’t think this issue seriously affects the image of CDO. As you said in your blog, let’s move on.

    As for me, I still would want to travel back to CDO…I wasn’t able to try the white water rafting when I was there =)

  2. Oh yeah, I think it really not affect that seriously the image of CDO… but it gives shame for us Cagay-anons.

    Yeah! me too… though I am a native here, but unfortunately I wasn’t able to try White water rafting yet… we have plans but time won’t just permit.

    By the way where are you right now? You are not in CDO at this time I supposed…

  3. Atty . Fred, is there a crime committed if a supposed sex video is distributed without consent? Also, what if it is my husband whom I saw in the video, what are the possible cases that I could file.

  4. Ang sama sa imahe sa cagayan? That’s stupid, it just shows the dark side of human nature, I don’t think it tarnishes the image of Cagayan de Oro anyways since most people *SURPRISE* *SURPRISE* do these kinds of these things already! Welcome to the Philippines where hypocrites stay and whine when somebody points out these things. What an idiot you guys make me sick!

    Please just stop the holier than thou attitude because I know deep inside your heart you have already done these things already..and by the way why does an act of two indecent individuals tarnish an entire city?

  5. sex is for those who enjoy it and not for others to see…
    there’s nothing wrong with sex.
    the only thing that make these sex issue wrong is letting the public know your doing it……

    little advice
    enjoy, have fun.
    and keep it a SECRET!!

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