Shall We Retain the Non-Legal Topics?

Is it better to retain the non-legal topics (e.g., work and life) in this blog? Let me know of your opinions through the comment section below. Or use this poll. Thank you.

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This is one of those times when I’d like to ask for help from our readers, from everyone. I’d like to know your opinion. It really is a minor matter, although it has the potential of becoming a source of “discomfort” for many.

There are valid arguments for either side. A narrow legal scope favors those who wish to subscribe to legal updates — only — and prefer not to be bothered with occasional posts about working life and careers, for instance. On the other hand, some may think that removing the non-legal topics takes away the “soul” or “human” side of this blog. I’m just guessing. It would be better to hear your opinion.


  1. yes, please retain the non legal topics in this blog. it does not bother me a bit. it’s good to have something less serious issues amidst legal, straight facts.

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