Should EDSA be renamed Cory Aquino Avenue?

A House Bill seeks to rename Epifanio de los Santos Avenue (EDSA), the main artery of Metro Manila, to Cory Aquino Avenue. Bohol Representative Rene Relampagos filed House Bill No. 5422, “An Act Renaming Epifanio de los Santos Avenue to Cory Aquino Avenue in Honor of Former President Corazon C. Aquino, First Woman President of the Republic of the Philippines, an Icon of Democracy an a Leading Figure in the 1986 EDSA People Power Revolution that Restored Democracy in the Philippines, repealing for the purpose Republic Act No. 2140 and for other purposes.”

This move to change EDSA to Cory Aquino Avenue (shall we call it CAVE?) is not new. There was a similar push in 2009, spearheaded by Senator Mar Roxas. He was quoted: “Sa tuwing mababanggit ang EDSA, iisa ang naiisip nating mga Pilipino: ang People Power ni Tita Cory. Nararapat lamang na i-alay natin sa kanyang alaala ang daang nagpakilala sa kanya sa buong mundo (Whenever we hear of EDSA, one thing always comes to the mind of Filipinos: the People Power led by President Cory. It is but fitting to offer in her memory the road that had made her famous all over the world).”

There’s no doubt that Tita Cory is an Icon of Democracy or that she is a revered figure in Philippine history. There’s no question that everybody, including the late Cory Aquino, remembers the momentous event in Philippine history as EDSA People Power. We have EDSA I, EDSA II and, depending on your inclination, EDSA III. There’s also no doubt that the change of name could be legally done. But should our lawmakers tinker with a historical mark?

Perhaps even Tita Cory, a modest person that she is, would not approve of this bill.

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  1. EDSA was named after Epifanio de los Santos, a Filipino historian, patriot and hero. Epifanio is one of the best Filipino writers in Spanish during his time. He was a lawyer and scholar.

    De los Santos was the associate editor of “La Independencia” where he used the pen name G. Solon. He was a collector of rare Philippine documents. He was in public service and he was appointed Director of the Philippine Library and Museum.

    In death, Epifanio was paid tribute when he was called “Great among the Great Filipino Scholars.”

    Epifanio de los Santos is very much part of Philippine History. He is the better example and icon for the youth of today who tend to idolize personalities in sports and music. Renaming EDSA will erase the memory of a true hero.

    Surely, our beloved President Cory, an icon of the mother-leader, humble and self-sacrificing woman that she was, would not approve of any move to rename EDSA after her if she were around to say so. There are several ways to honor the memory of President Cory. Perhaps, a new barangay or new municipality to be created in the future may be named after her. But, please, do not rename EDSA.

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