Should Pres. Gloria Arroyo run in House of Representatives?

Let’s start this discussion with a brief backgrounder on the three branches of government. The Judiciary is headed by the Chief Justice. The Legislature is divided into the Senate (President of the Senate) and the House of Representatives (Speaker of the House). The executive department is headed by the President.

It’s not unusual for members of the Legislative Branch to cross over to the other branches of government. Chief Justice Hilario Davide was formerly an Assemblyman representing Cebu. President Estrada, among others, used to be a Senator. It’s also not unusual for members of the Judiciary to subsequently serve in the other branches of government. The late Marcelo B. Fernan became a Senator after his service as Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.

But it’s unusual for a President to become a member of Congress. No President, as far as I know, sought to be elected as a Senator. Certainly no President sought a position in the House of Representatives.

There are talks that Pres. Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, after the end of her Presidency in 2010, would run for Congress also in 2010 — as a Representative of Pampanga. A former President serving as a congresswoman. There’s no legal prohibition, though I believe that it’s not proper. As to why, I can’t put my finger on it. Maybe you have an idea.


  1. Congratulations to Pres. Gloria Macapagal Arroyo for a job well done for her service to our nation for two successive presidential terms! Her excellent performance in the realms of government, economic, social, educational, healthcare and foreign relations is a benchmark of success not only in her career but also for the national as a whole. She had sacrificed her life for the good of the nation – the Philippines.

    Comparatively speaking with her previous presidential counterparts, she was one of the few chief executives who was able to reduce the foreign debts of the country. She was able to restore the respect and confidence of other countries including the United Nations through her diplomatic relations, goodwill and camaraderie in Asia, Middle East and Europe. She visited numerous countries and coordinated with their presidents and prime ministers to foster diplomatic and trade rapport, world peace and humanitarian assistance.

    Social reforms such as providing better shelter to the needy, better education for children, more healthcare assistance to the indigents and emergency assistance during catastrophic situations like typhoons and volcanic eruptions were some of her important projects. Although she is a woman president she visited many provinces and rural areas who needs her assistance to alleviate poverty by implementing educational, healthcare and agricultural programs for the minorities.

    We from the province of Pampanga are proud that she is willing to spend her time to serve as a congresswoman of our province. Karapat dapat po siyang manungkulan dahil sa kanyang katalinuhan, kasipagan at katapatan.

    Ang mga Pilipino na gaya namin na nasa ibang bansa na gaya ng Amerika ay nakikita ang mabilis at masaganang pagunland ng Pilipinas.

    Let us thank the Almighty for giving us such as good leader. She deserved to be the president for a job well done on her part for two successive terms. We hope and pray she will be one of the congresswoman of Pampanga because we know she deserves the job and she can fulfill her duties and responsibilites.

    To our dear President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, welcome to Pampanga!

  2. Greed and love of money will make people do unrighteous things. This president is not fit for office anymore nor any part of Philippine politics. New laws should be enacted and prevent such incidents to happen. But then again, the filipino people are noted for their stupidity and I think, like the Marcoses, she can still win as congressman in Pampanga – where there are only a handfull of smart people, Ala eh?

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