Social Networking, Identity Theft and Cybercrimes

Pinoy Entrepreneurs, and internet users in general, are increasingly using social networking sites like facebook, twitter and instagram. As of 28 February 2011, for instance, the Philippines has more than 22 million users on facebook. The Philippines is constantly in the Top 10 heavy users of facebook.

There is also an explosion in online transactions, including purchases and banking transactions. The use of credit cards in the purchase of goods and services online is now common.

With that, identity theft and other cybercrimes are bound to increase. The National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) receives an average of 5 complaints relating to cybercrimes. The figure would be further alarming if we factor in the unreported crimes.

Here’s a relevant discussion in the pilot episode of NewsTV’s On Call (hosted by Ivan Mayrina and Connie Sison; weekdays 4-5 pm), including tips on how to protect yourself from identity theft.

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